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Brain Game: John & Keith & Mick & Paul


Below are five song titles with blanks. If you fill the blanks with one set of words, you'll come up with five song titles by The Beatles. By filling the blanks with a completely different set of words, you'll end up with five song titles by The Rolling Stones.

For example, if the clue were "__________ Girl," the answers would be "Another Girl," which was recorded by The Beatles, and then "Factory Girl" or "Stupid Girl," which were recorded by The Rolling Stones.

Can you think of both Beatles and Rolling Stones song titles that fit these five entries? Good luck!

1. Dear __________ 2. I'm __________ 3. Let It __________ 4. __________ Man 5. She's A __________

Here are the ANSWERS.



1. "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles, and "Dear Doctor" by The Rolling Stones.

2. "I'm Down" by The Beatles, and "I'm Free" by The Rolling Stones.

3. "Let It Be" by The Beatles, and "Let It Bleed" by The Rolling Stones.

4. "Nowhere Man" by The Beatles, and "Monkey Man" by The Rolling Stones.

5. "She's a Woman" by The Beatles, and "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones.