Brain Game: Sink o' de Mayo


Early this morning, BAM Plumbing won a contract to install a new bathroom - a sink, bath, and toilet - for a house under renovation on Elm Street. Due to scheduling conflicts, plumbers Arnie, Barney, and Marny can't do their individual installation jobs today, however, so they've scheduled them for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Based on the following three clues, can you determine which triplet installed which fixture on which day of the week? Good luck!

1. Neither Barney's job nor the toilet installation were done on Thursday. 2. Marny, who didn't install the tub, took Friday off. 3. Arnie installed the sink.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Marny installed the toilet on Wednesday (first things first, y'know).

Arnie installed the sink on Thursday, and

Barney installed the bath on Friday.