Brain Game: For Mom


John loves classic sitcoms, but he's particularly crazy about sitcom moms... although he prefers certain ones over others. See, he likes Roseanne Conner, but he doesn't care for Peg Bundy. And he's crazy about Marion Cunningham, but not so much for Clair Huxtable. And he definitely likes Shirley Partridge a whole lot more than he likes Carol Brady.

Given these clues, which of these four TV sitcom moms would he like the best? And why? Good luck!

Edith Bunker June Cleaver Laura Petrie Lucy Ricardo

Here is the SOLUTION.


Of the choices, John would prefer Lucy Ricardo. You see, John likes sitcom moms who share the same first names as the actors who portray them.

That's why he likes Roseanne (Conner/Barr), Marion (Cunningham/Ross), and Shirley (Partridge/Jones).

And that's why he'd also love Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy Ricardo - better known as "Lucy" - portrayed by Lucille Ball.