Brain Game: Where's the Love?


If today's offering seems like a trivia question, it is. But the circumstances surrounding it are astounding (at least to me). Besides, solving it certainly qualifies as a Brain Game, especially if you're good enough to come up with both answers. Good luck!

Per the Internet Movie Database, nearly 425 movies have earned $100 million or more at U.S. box offices over the century-long history of feature films. Amazingly, only TWO of these films contain the word "LOVE" in their titles, and both of them lie near the very bottom of the list. Can you name either of these films?

Here are the two ANSWERS.


LOVE STORY (1970, #366, $106 million U.S.), and

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (1998, #417, $100 million U.S.).

These are the only two titles on the list that contain the word "love" or any form of the word "love."