While carrying our garbage out to the curb yesterday, I took a header off the second-from-bottom step of our front porch. Not surprisingly, I took a nasty spill onto our driveway. My old gym teacher would have been proud, as I managed to perform a sort-of tuck and roll like I'd been taught in PhysEd class, but I still heard an audible "snap" as my chest hit the pavement. Cracked a rib? Quite possibly... but I'm feeling okay; at least well enough to compose a new Brain Game in remembrance of my debut (and hopefully swan song) as a 42-year-old gymnast.

By filling in the blanks in these "RIB" terms with the proper letters, find the English words that best match each of the five given definitions. Good luck!

_ R I B _ _ _ :  Did steal, particularly by concealment or hiding.

_ R I B _ _ _ :  Crime committed during Teapot Dome scandal.

_ R I B _ _ _ :  Mazda's current SUV offering.

_ R I B _ _ _ :  An acid molecule with 3 replacable hydrogen atoms.

_ R I B _ _ _ :  One of the things you can do with a basketball.

Here are the ANSWERS.