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Brain Game: One Candle


May 2009 has been a very busy month. The first half of it was spent getting the next issue of our print magazine into shape. (It's a helluva job to fact-check all of that information, let me tell ya.) Still recovering, I regretfully ignored the fact that May 2 was the Brain Game's first birthday. The Brain Game came about after we tested a Weekend Challenge series, where players posted their puzzle solutions in the comments. The puzzles proved popular, but the rush of comments were tough to manage, so we simplified things a bit by including the answer in the post and moving to a weekday slot.

To celebrate the Brain Game's anniversary, I'm taking the day off. But I won't leave you without; here's what the first Brain Game looked like, since it's likely that you missed it (or have forgotten the answer). Kind thanks to our regular Brain Game readers, and especially to all you mental_floss magazine subscribers who make it possible.