Brain Game: Old Man McLanderstone


We return to the local accounting firm of McLanderstone & Associates. You remember the company's four principal employees: Ron Barley, Don Harley, Jon Karley, and Lon Parley. What you don't know yet are their ages. In no particular order, the men are currently 30, 33, 37, and 40 years of age. Based on the following two clues, can you determine each employee's age? Good luck!

1. Exactly three years from today, Don Harley will be as old as Lon Parley is now. 2. Jon Karley's current age is a prime number.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Don Harley is the youngest at 30 years old; Lon Parley is 33; Jon Karley is 37, and Ron Barley is 40 (still quite a bit younger than Old Man McLanderstone).