Brain Game: So Long to McLanderstone


And now, a word from our sponsor: Congratulations to Adele, who was randomly chosen as the winning entry in Wednesday's Brain Game anagram game. Adele will receive a free T-shirt from any one of the exclusive designs at our online store. Congratulations!

Now, the conclusion of our week-long series concerning the local accounting firm of McLanderstone & Associates. This past week, we've learned quite a bit about the four key employees of the firm: Ron Barley, Don Harley, Jon Karley, and Lon Parley. For today's Brain Game, we examine those names a bit more closely. Good luck!

One of the men's names is an anagram of a long-running Nickelodeon TV show. Name it.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Don Harley's name is an anagram of the title of the animated series "Hey Arnold!"