Brain Game: Tom the Carpenter


Tom's a carpenter from the Bay Area of California. His dad and uncle are carpenters, too. In today's Brain Game, we reveal three things that Tom likes, along with three he dislikes. To solve the puzzle, refer back to the clues to find what Tom's likes have in common with one another. Then apply that rule to the choices given to determine the answer. Good luck!

Tom likes Coke, but not Pepsi. He likes the A's, but not the Giants. And he likes Chevy, but not Ford. Which beer would Tom prefer: Coors, Miller, or Bud?

Here is the SOLUTION.


He would prefer Bud.

Tom likes short nicknames -- Coke for Coca-Cola, A's for Athletics, and Chevy for Chevrolet. Naturally, he'd prefer Bud (Budweiser) over the other two options as his malted beverage of choice. (He also likes FedEx and KFC... if you can come up with any other brand names that Tom would like, please post them in the comments. Thanks!)