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Brain Game: The Lineup Card


Logic puzzle aficionados may be able to solve this one in their heads; the rest of us may need pencil and paper (or at least an open spreadsheet). Good luck!

The manager of a baseball team sat in the dugout before a game, filling out his lineup card. He liked to place his four best hitters in the first four slots in the order, and those players were named Adams, Berry, Colon and Davis. Based on the following two clues, can you determine which player batted in which order?

Clue #1. Davis batted sometime after Berry, who did not lead off. Clue #2. Colon batted just before Adams.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Colon batted first, folowed by Adams, Berry, and then Davis.

Clue #1 reveals that Davis did not bat first or second, and Berry did not bat first or last.

Clue #2 reveals that Adams did not bat first, which means Colon had to bat first. Since Adams batted next, he was second. By elimination, that leaves Berry in the third spot and Davis hitting fourth.