Brain Game: OK MIND?


Today's Brain Game is an open-ended puzzle, so any answer you come up with - as long as it follows the guidelines - will be correct. Enjoy!

Here is a map showing the correct two-letter postal abbreviations for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Using this as a guide:

Your goal is to find the longest possible word in whichevery pair of adjacent letters appears on the list.

As an example, the word "coal" would NOT count; while CO (Colorado) and AL (Alabama) appears on the list, OA does not. The word "mine" WOULD work, however, since you'd have MI (Michigan), IN (Indiana), and NE (Nebraska).

After a few minutes of doodling, I came up with the word "malarial," which connects Massachusetts (MA), Alabama (AL), Louisiana (LA), Arkansas (AR), Rhode Island (RI), Iowa (IA) and Alabama again (AL). Plenty of other words will work as well, of course. And be creative! Brand names, personal names, whatever. The point here is to exercise your brain and have fun. Make sure to include your best answer in the comments section of this post. We'd love to hear from you!