Brain Game: Roman Meal


While you could outwit today's Brain Game challenge the hard way, try to solve it without doing any writing or spreadsheet work; just use some common sense and logic and do it off the top of your head. You may be surprised at the correct answers. Good luck!

First, consider all the Roman numerals on a list that counts from 1 to 100. (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and so on, to C.) Done? Good. With those in mind:

1. Overall, which individual Roman numeral (I, V, X, L, or C) appears more often than any other on this 1-100 list? 2. Which one appears the fewest times? 3. Which two appear the exact same number of times?

Here are the ANSWERS.


1. The individual Roman numeral that appears in the list most often is "X" (150 times). "I" is second with 140.

2. The individual Roman numeral that appears the fewest times is "C" with 11.

3. Both the "V" and the "L" are used 50 times when counting from 1-100.