Brain Game: Don's Dining Day


I'm still looking for some Brain Games ideas from our readers so that my wife Kara and I can enjoy a vacation sometime before the decade is over. We've received several fun puzzles, but could certainly use more of them. Please send your favorite(s) to me at and then enjoy today's Brain Game challenge. Thanks, and good luck!

Don is a picky eater. He starts his day with a glass of juice, never milk.For breakfast, he'll eat cereal, but not waffles. For lunch, he'd much prefer soup to any old sandwich. For dinner, he'd love steak, but would frown on chicken. Based on the above, which of these four delicious dishes would Don definitely decide to devour for dessert? And why? CAKE -- PASTRY -- PIE -- PUDDING

Here is the ANSWER.


Don would prefer PIE for dessert over the other choices.

Why? Well, Don likes food and drink items whose names have consecutive vowels in them. That's why he likes juice, cereal, soup, steak, and pie more than any of the other items shown.

Have a fun and safe weekend!