Brain Game: Wouldn't It Be Dice?


Today's Brain Game involves good, old-fashioned six-sided dice. If you roll a single die, you have the same chance of rolling a 1 as you do rolling a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. The numbers change with multiple dice, however, as we'll see. Good luck:

A friend bets you that he can roll a total of 10 with three dice more often than you can roll a total of 8 with only two dice. Do you take the bet?

Here is the ANSWER.


Yes, it's smart to take the bet.

With any given toss of the dice, your friend's odds of rolling a total of 10 with three dice are 1 in 8.
Your odds of rolling a total of 8 with two dice are a bit better (1 in 7.2).