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Brain Game: Who's Buying Lunch?


Today's Brain Game is a 5x5x5 logic puzzle with a little twist - one of the sets of matches aren't provided in advance; you'll have to figure them out yourself. Enjoy!

Five men - Bub, Dub, Nub, Tub, and Wub - were working at a construction site. None of them had brought lunch, so the men decided that they'd each draw a regular playing card from a standard deck of 52. The one of them to draw the lowest card would have to walk down the street to buy sandwiches for the others. The "loser" drew a 4, while the other men drew a 7, 8, 10, and Queen.

 Based on the following four clues, your goal is to determine which man drew which card - both value and suit. Good luck!

1. None of the five men drew a Club, but all other suits were represented with either one or two cards. 2. Dub's card was three numbers higher than Wub's card, and these two cards belonged to the same suit. 3. One man (not Nub) drew the Eight of Diamonds; it was the only card of its suit to be drawn. 4. The number on Bub's Spade was a single-digit, even number.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Bub "lost" by drawing the 4 of Spades. He had to buy lunch.
Wub drew the 7 of Hearts.
Tub drew the 8 of Diamonds.
Dub drew the 10 of Hearts.
Nub drew the Queen of Spades.