Brain Game: We Are Driven


Here in metro Detroit, this weekend marks the massive Woodward Dream Cruise, where drivers of classic and unusual automobiles of all kinds cruise along Woodward Avenue - which was the nation's first paved road. I'll be driving my old Datsun 280Z (a.k.a. my "middle-age-crisis-mobile"). It always gets some interesting looks from older autoworkers in the Motor City... mostly the ones that may have lost their job back in the 1970s-80s due to Japanese imports. And yes, I'll probably hear a few four-letter words along the way.

Enjoy today's Brain Game, which also focuses on four particular letters. And get out there and enjoy summer before it's over!

In the English language, only two common words contain the letter sequence "RSTU" (not including other forms of those same two words). What are the two words, and what do they linguistically have in common?

Here is the SOLUTION.


OVERSTUFF and UNDERSTUDY. Linguistically, the two words begin with complementary prepositions - "OVER" and "UNDER."

Have a great weekend!