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Brain Game: Harold Has Class


Welcome to a new Brain Game for Monday!

School has just started, and high school student Harold is getting accustomed to his schedule for the fall semester. Harold is taking six classes - English, History, Literature, Math, PhysEd, and Science. He has three morning classes, then lunch, and then three afternoon classes. Based on the following four clues, you'll try to determine which class Harold attends during each of the day's six periods. Good luck!

1. Harold is happy to have PhysEd after lunch to "work off" what he's eaten. 2. Each day during lunch, Harold tells Wayne what happened in History class, and Wayne returns the favor by telling Harold what to expect in Math class. 3. Every day, Harold needs only walk across the hall to go from his English class to his Literature class (which is held during an odd-numbered period). 4. After Harold's Science class, he has one other class before it's time for Math class.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Harold's schedule:

1st period - History
2nd period - English
3rd period - Literature
4th period - Science
5th period - PhysEd
6th period - Math