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Brain Game: Just Ralph


Today's Brain Game may seem unanswerable at first, but don't let that throw you. The puzzle is really in two parts... once you identify what the clues have in common, you have to employ that information (and perhaps do a quick info search) to come up with the final answer. Good luck!

Ralph is rather picky. He owns a football, but not a basketball. He likes chocolate, but not strawberry. He uses UPS, but steers clear of FedEx. And he idolizes Joe Louis, but ignores Rocky Marciano. Based on these four clues, in what U.S. city did Ralph attend college?

Here is the SOLUTION.


PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, the home of Brown University.

Ralph likes things that are "brown" or are associated with the word "brown." A football is brown; UPS' corporate color is brown; chocolate is usually brown; and boxer Joe Louis was known as "The Brown Bomber." So it stands to reason that Ralph's alma mater would be Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.