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Brain Game: Pass the Oregano


I'm still fine-tuning my Logic Puzzle capabilities, and I think today's Brain Game is a step forward in difficulty. I'd appreciate comments in that regard; and please be kind but honest. Here we go:

This past weekend, five close friends - Jill, Mark, Phil, Reed, and Sara - met at an Italian restaurant for dinner. Each ordered a different dish - Lasagna, Macaroni, Pizza, Rotini, and Spaghetti. All of them cleaned their plates.

Based on the following clues, can you determine which diner ordered which dish? Good luck!

1. Jill and Mark both considered the rotini before changing their minds. One of them ordered the spaghetti instead; the other did NOT order the lasagna. 2. The name of Phil's dish, unlike the names of either of the two women's dishes, ended with the letter "a." 3. Exactly two members of the group ordered dishes with names that began with the same letter as their first names.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Jill ordered the spaghetti;
Mark ordered the macaroni;
Phil ordered the pizza;
Reed ordered the lasagna; and
Sara ordered the rotini