Today's Brain Game focuses on the preferences of a guy named Ken. Compare the four clues to see what the names have in common, and use that information to figure out the answer. Good luck!

Ken likes Dale Earnhardt, Jr., but not Jeff Gordon.
He likes Sean Connery, but not Will Smith.
He likes Rudyard Kipling, but not George Orwell.
He likes Calvin Coolidge, but not Herbert Hoover.

Given this information,
would Ken like Garth Brooks or Johnny Cash?

Here is the ANSWER.



Ken likes people who go by their middle names - like Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Thomas Sean Connery, Joseph Rudyard Kipling, and John Calvin Coolidge. So, naturally, he'd like Troyal Garth Brooks.

If you came up with a different (but logical) solution, feel free to post it in the comments.