Brain Game: Think For Yourself


Hi, folks: Sandy "Norwegian" Wood here. In case you just crawled out from under a rock, The Beatles are back in the news again thanks to the release of their Rock Band video game and a set of remastered reissues that include the band's 13 original, official albums.

Today's Brain Game is a two-step challenge. First, unscramble the nine phrases that follow to come up with the names of nine of those albums (to celebrate their release date, which was 9/9/09). Then name the four LPs that are not included in that list. Good luck!

1. Adore Baby 2. Asymmetrical Yogurt 3. Belt Tie 4. Burro Blues 5. Handy Radish Tag 6. Leafless Boater 7. My Unreliable Sow 8. Sesame Leap Peel 9. White Teeth Slab

Here are the ANSWERS.


1. Abbey Road
2. Magical Mystery Tour
3. Let It Be
4. Rubber Soul
5. A Hard Day's Night
6. Beatles For Sale
7. Yellow Submarine
8. Please Please Me
9. With The Beatles

And the four missing:

The Beatles (The White Album)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band