Brain Game: Lunch for 4


We're due for a logic puzzle Brain Game, so here it is. Enjoy!  NOTE: Since originally posted this morning, the text was corrected from "basket of shrimp" to "order of shrimp" to avoid confusion.

A quartet of workers - Bert, Curt, Gert, and Hirt - ate lunch together at a local greasy spoon. Each ordered a different meal - a chicken sandwich, a fish sandwich, a hamburger, and an order of shrimp. Based on the clues that follow, determine which diner chowed down on which meal. Good luck:

1. Both Gert's lunch and Hirt's lunch were served on buns. 2. Bert's lunch included seafood, unlike Curt's lunch. 3. Only one meal began with the same letter as the name of the person who ordered it.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Bert had the shrimp;
Curt had the chicken sandwich;
Gert had the hamburger; and
Hirt had the fish sandwich.