Brain Game: Produce


To end the Brain Game week, here's a logic puzzle. Adept solvers might get this one without a grid, but it'll be necessary for most of us. Good luck!

John went to the produce department at his local supermarket to buy the items on his grocery list: bananas, carrots, corn, lemons, and tangerines. Based on the clues that follow, try to determine the order in which John made his choices:

1. The first item John bought was a yellow fruit. 2. The second item John bought was orange. 3. The third item John bought was a vegetable. 4. The fourth item John bought was a citrus fruit. 5. The last item John bought was the tangerine.

Here is the SOLUTION.


John bought the bananas first, followed by the carrots, the corn, the lemons, and the tangerines.