Brain Game: Papa!


The answer to today's Brain Game might be obvious to a particular portion of our readership, but not so much to others. Where's the line? You'll have to figure that out. Good luck!

What makes the following seven words (and others in the same vein) particularly tricky to handle for certain translators?

arena, cargo, mayor, once, pan, sensible, tuna

Here is the ANSWER.


They are "false Spanish-English cognates": words that are spelled the same in both languages, but mean different things. In English, for instance, "papa" means "father." But in Spanish, "papa" can mean either "Pope" or "potato."

English word = Spanish meaning

arena = sand
cargo = charge
mayor = main
once = eleven
pan = bread
sensible = sensitive
tuna = a type of cactus

Do you know any others (comparing English to Spanish or other languages)? Feel free to share them in the comments by clicking below. Thanks, and have a great weekend!