Here in metro Detroit, the joy of our NFL team actually winning a game last week has been tempered this week by the collapse of our AL team. We offered an "at-bat" logic Brain Game puzzle several days ago, in hopes the Tigers can pull it out, here's one about a productive half-inning. Enjoy!

Six batters came to the plate in the bottom of the fourth. In no particular order, they made one single, one triple, one walk, a called strikeout, a pop-out to first, and a ground out (but no stolen bases).When the half-inning ended, two runs had scored and a runner was left stranded on second. Based on this information and the clues that follow, determine how each batter fared. Good luck:

1. The first batter earned a base hit, unlike the fourth batter.

2. The second batter did not reach base, but the third batter did.

3. The pitcher threw only two pitches to the sixth batter.


Here is the SOLUTION.


The first batter hit a single;
the second batter was called out on strikes;
the third batter hit a triple (scoring one run);
the fourth batter walked;
the fifth batter grounded out (scoring the runner from third, and moving the runner from first to second*);
the sixth batter popped out to the first baseman.

* - had the runner been thrown out going to second, it would have been a fielder's choice, not a ground out