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Brain Game: The Return of Stan the Man


Stan was behind the wheel as he drove three fellow employees to an out-of-state business conference. He wanted his passengers to be comfortable for the trip, so he stopped at a convenience store to get bottled soft drinks for himself and his passengers - Carl, Dave, and Paul. The beverages he purchased were: a Coke, a Sprite, a Pepsi One, and a Diet Dr Pepper.

Based on the clues that follow, determine which man got which drink. Good luck!

1. Stan did not get a diet drink, but Dave did. 2. Paul drank a cola, unlike Carl. 3. Only one man shared the first letter of his name with the first letter of the name of his beverage.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Stan enjoyed his Sprite, while
Carl downed the Diet Dr Pepper,
Dave had the Pepsi One, and
Paul drank the Coke.