Brain Game: More New Jerseys


A high school football team received brand new jerseys for this season, and it took the head coach a while to get used to his players wearing different numbers. His four running backs - White, Smith, Davis, and Unser - wore (in no particular order) jersey numbers 21, 34, 25, and 23.

Based on the clues that follow, determine which running back wears which number jersey. Good luck!

Clue 1 = The two digits that make up Unser's jersey number do NOT add up to 7. Clue 2 = Only ONE back's jersey number matches the alphabetical order of the first letter of his last name (A=1, B=2, and so on). Clue 3 = The number on Davis' jersey is neither even NOR prime.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Unser wears #21,
Smith wears #23,
Davis wears #25, and
White wears #34.

Clue 1 = Unser did not wear #25 or #34.
Clue 2 = Either Unser wore #21 or White wore #23, but not both.
Clue 3 = Davis did not wear #23 or #34.
Unser cannot wear #23 (this conflicts with Clue 2) so he wears #21.
By elimination, this gives Smith #23, Davis #25, and White #34.