The astronomy instructor offered to give extra credit to eight students - Jack, Jane, Jeff, Jess, Jill, Jodi, John, and Judy - if they'd help the rest of the class learn about the Solar System. Each student would choose one planet - Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune Saturn, Uranus, or Venus - and write a special report to be presented in front of the class.

Based on the following clues - and feel free to do online research as necessary to figure out the clues - determine which student chose which planet for his or her report. Good luck!

Clue 1 = The name of Jess' planet ends with an "S."

Clue 2 = Jane's planet is smaller than Venus.

Clue 3 = Jack's planet lies just beyond the Asteroid Belt.

Clue 4 = The orbit of Judy's planet is smaller than Earth's orbit.

Clue 5 = Jill's planet lies further from the Sun than any other.

Clue 6 = Jeff's planet has multiple moons.

Clue 7 = Jodi's planet is widely known as "the Red Planet."

Here is the SOLUTION.


Jack chose Jupiter;
Jane chose Mercury;
Jeff chose Saturn;
Jess chose Uranus;
Jill chose Neptune;
Jodi chose Mars;
John chose Earth; and
Judy chose Venus.