Brain Game: Mrs. Sasse's Class


Local elections are being held in many areas in the country today. If you care about your community, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and get out there and vote. And while we're on the subject of casting ballots, here's today's Brain Game.

Five of the 31 students in Mrs. Sasse's homeroom ran for class president: Wally, Wendy, Willy, Woody, and Wyatt. Given the following facts (and the knowledge that every student in the class voted), figure out both the winner of election and how many votes each candidate received. Good luck!

Clue #1: Wyatt earned twice as many votes as Wendy, three times as many votes as Wally, and six times as many votes as Woody. Clue #2: Only one candidate received an odd number of votes.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Wyatt won the election with 12 votes,
Willy was second with 7 votes,
Wendy earned 6 votes,
Wally earned 4 votes, and
Woody earned 2 votes.