Brain Game: Nothing But Net


While the NFL gets most of the press, pro basketball and hockey are also in full swing this time of year. Today's Brain Game focuses on five NBA teams:

Devon, Evan, Kevin, Seven and Tevin recently discussed professional basketball, and each proclaimed himself as a fan of one of the 30 teams. (Each chose a different team.) Based on the clues that follow (and feel free to do research as necessary to solve them), determine which fan chose which team. Good luck!

1. Kevin's favorite team, which is not the Phoenix Suns, has a weather-related name. 2. Two of the chosen teams play (or once played) their home games in Minnesota. 3. Seven's favorite team is the oldest NBA team from the state of Florida. 4. The geographic and team name for Tevin's favorite team begin with the same letter of the alphabet. 5. The name of Devon's favorite team is also the name of an NHL team.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Devon is a fan of the Sacramento Kings;
Evan prefers the Minnesota Timberwolves;
Kevin likes the Oklahoma City Thunder;
Seven roots for the Miami Heat; and
Tevin is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.


L.A.'s NHL franchise is known as the Kings.

The Timberwolves are the current NBA franchise in Minnesota; the L.A. Lakers were formerly the Minneapolis Lakers.

The Miami Heat joined the NBA in 1988, one year before the Orlando Magic.