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Brain Game: The Salt Talks


It seems like it's been a little while since our last logic puzzle Brain Game, so here's one with some characters you'll probably know. Enjoy!

Bored, five of the male patrons at Cheers - Cliff, Frasier, Norm, Paul, and Phil - embarked on a one-minute pretzel-eating contest. During the event, each patron ate at least one pretzel, but no two participants consumed the same number of pretzels. Given this information, and the clues that follow, try to determine (a) who won the contest and (b) how many pretzels each participant ate. Good luck:

1. Frasier ate exactly half as many pretzels as the winner. 2. Paul and Cliff were neck-and-neck at the very end, and combined to eat nine pretzels total. 3. Only one patron ate exactly as many pretzels as there are letters in his name. 4. Phil ate exactly one-quarter of all the pretzels eaten.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Norm won the contest with 14 pretzels,
Phil was second with 10, followed by
Frasier with seven, Paul with five, and Cliff with four.