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Brain Game: The Ponders


The Ponders are a five-on-five intramural basketball team. Last week, they won a game 87-83. All five of their starters scored, and none of the bench players saw any action. When the game was over, the team's leading scorer was Alan, followed by Bill, Carl, Doug, and Evan.

Based on the clues that follow, determine how many points each of the Ponders scored. Good luck:

1. Doug scored only half as many points as Carl, while Bill scored five times as many points as Evan. 2. Combined, Doug and Bill scored an odd number of points. 3. Alan's scoring total was exactly three points higher than the combined scores of Bill and Evan.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Alan scored 33 points,
Bill scored 25,
Carl scored 16,
Doug scored 8, and
Evan scored 5.