Brain Game: Ready, Break!


Today's Brain Game is the final one for 2009; we'll pick up again with new puzzles for the new year. If you're jonesing for a Brain Game fix at the end of December, feel free to browse those from earlier in the year that you may have missed. In the meantime, here's a holiday send-off to say thanks to all our readers for playing along this year. Have a great New Year!

Find as many English words as you can of four letters or more in length using the letters in the word:

HOLIDAY(Use each letter only once.)

Here are 17 words.

17 words:

ahoy, daily, dial, doily,

hail, halo, haloid,

hold, holy, hyaloid,

hyoid, idly, idol,

lady, laid, load, oily

These are the words I found in a "standard" dictionary; if you found any others that fit the bill, feel free to list them in the comments. Thanks!