Brain Game: Five States


The U.S. history  instructor offered to give extra credit to five students - Billy, Lilly, Millie, Tilly, and Willie - if they'd each do a special report on a different state of the union. Each student chose a different state - Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Vermont, or West Virginia - and made a presentation in front of the class.

Based on the following clues - and do only as much online research as necessary to figure out the clues - determine which student chose which state for his or her report. Good luck!

Clue 1 = Willie's state was one of the Original 13 colonies. Clue 2 = Lilly's state was a Confederate state during the Civil War. Clue 3 = Millie's state has two words in its name. Clue 4 = Tilly's state is, by total area, the smallest of the five. Clue 5 = Billy's state was the last of the five to become a state.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Billy did his report on Oklahoma;
Lilly did her report on Florida;
Millie did her report on West Virginia;
Tilly did her report on Vermont; and
Willie did his report on South Carolina.