Brain Game: Bombers Away!


It's been far too long since we offered a logic puzzle for the Brain Game, so let's correct that today. And this one's a doozy.

A junior league baseball team raised money over the winter to purchase new jerseys for their team, the Bombers. The Bombers have ten players: Alan, Bill, Curt, Doug, Evan, Fred, Gabe, Hank, Ivan, and Jeff. They had ten jerseys printed up, numbered 1 through 10. Based on the following clues, determine which player will wear which numbered jersey. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: An additional clue has been added since this puzzle was first posted this morning, as our bright readers found other possible solutions. So, if you're reading this, you can skip the first few comments that offer alternate solutions. Sorry! And thanks!

1. Gabe's number is even. 2. Evan's number is greater than 7. 3. Hank's number, in Roman numerals, would include exactly one "I." 4. Curt's number is an odd number. 5. Doug chose the number four. 6. Alan's number is exactly one-fourth the value of Ivan's number. 7. Fred's number is a prime number. 8. Bill's number is exactly double the value of Jeff's number. 9. The sum of Jeff's number and Curt's number is 12.

Here is the SOLUTION.


#1: Hank

#2: Alan

#3: Fred

#4: Doug

#5: Jeff

#6: Gabe

#7: Curt

#8: Ivan

#9: Evan

#10: Bill