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Brain Game: Poem Wot I Writ Myself


Today's Brain Game is a "Poem Wot I Writ Myself," an old member of the mix that we haven't offered in quite some time.

Each line of this seven-line poem is a clue to a different word; there are seven lines and thus seven words to find. If you find the right seven words, you'll notice that they follow some pattern. Your job? Find the words and identify what they have in common. Good luck!

A lot of great women one great woman a drug a great Portuguese a great man she him a crossbarÂ

Here is the SOLUTION.



HEROINES (a lot of great women)
HEROINE (one great woman)
HEROIN (a drug)
HEROI ("hero" in Portuguese)
HERO (a great man)
HER (she)
HE (him)
H (a crossbar)

And the "in common" factor is that each word removes the last letter of the word above it.