Brain Game: Adult Swim


A few weeks back, we asked our Brain Gamers to size up each of the seven continents of the world by land area, largest to smallest. Today, we do something similar, but with fins.

Place each of the world's five oceans in order of surface area, from largest to smallest. The oceans are: the Arctic, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific, and the Southern.

If you're ready, good luck! (Jot down your answer on some scrap paper; the answer link is below.) If you're saying "What the heck is the Southern Ocean?" then listen up:

The Southern Ocean has been known officially by that name since the year 2000, when it was officially recognized by the International Hydrographic Organization. (In other words, if you don't know it, your kids do.) It includes all the water surrounding Antarctica  to 60 degrees South latitude. (And, yes, that means the Southern Oean is a near-circle.)

Here is the SOLUTION.



1. PACIFIC (64 million square miles)

2. ATLANTIC (32 million square miles)

3. INDIAN (28 million square miles)

4. SOUTHERN (8 million square miles)

5. ARCTIC (5 million square miles)