Brain Game: The Berkshire Office


Here's a logic puzzle Brain Game that shouldn't be too tough for a Friday.

There were over 100 people in the Berkshire Office, and five of them had similar-sounding names. There were three men, Darren, Aaron, and Warren; and two women, Karen and Lauren. The last names are Bray, Cray, Dray, Gray, and Wray. Given the three clues that follow, match each first name with its correponding last name. Good luck!

1. Mr. Cray's first name is six letters long. 2. Exactly one of the five has the same first initial as last initial. 3. Mrs. Wray and Karen both work for Mr. Gray.

Here is the SOLUTION.



Karen Bray
Warren Cray
Darren Dray
Aaron Gray
Lauren Wray