Brain Game: Padlocks for Everyone!


"Padlocks for everyone!" That's my motto; something a bit nonsensical to contrast with the logic puzzle that is the Thursday Brain Game. Enjoy:

In the Parker Prep School polo locker room, five fashionable friends - Papa, Pepe, Pippi, Popo, and Pupu - used five lockers on the top row. Each locker was secured with a different color padlock - puce, platinum, pumpkin, pink, and purple. Based on the trio of clues that follow, try to determine the color of each polo player's padlock. Good luck!

1. The color of Pippi's padlock has an even number of letters. 2. Pepe's padlock palette begins with "pu..." but Pupu's does not. 3. This pentad of Parker Prep polo padlocks were pumpkin, Pepe's, platinum, Popo's, and purple.

Here is the SOLUTION.


PAPA used the PUMPKIN padlock;
PEPE used the PUCE padlock;
PIPPI used the PURPLE padlock;
POPO used the PINK padlock; and
PUPU used the PLATINUM padlock.