Today's Brain Game took some time to develop, and it's a tough one. I don't expect you to get all the answers - at least not without help - but I'm very likely underestimating the brightness of you kind readers. Give it a shot, and good luck!

Start with one letter of the alphabet to solve the 1-letter clue. Then add a letter and rearrange the existing ones (if necessary) to come up with an answer for the 2-letter clue. Add another letter and rearrange (if necessary) to solve the 3-letter clue, and so on all the way to the 11-letter clue. Here we go:

1 letter: a vitamin (tocopherol)
2 letters: precedes masculine French nouns
3 letters: initials of a "classical" rock band
4 letters: an acting part
5 letters: an Edmonton NHL player
6 letters: Hall-of-Fame pitcher Fingers
7 letters: a legendary German siren
8 letters: more personally isolated
9 letters: an active uprising
10 letters: politically, like Keynes
11 letters: like some of George III's Acts

Here are the ANSWERS.


1 letter: E
2 letters: LE
3 letters: ELO
4 letters: ROLE
5 letters: OILER
6 letters: ROLLIE
7 letters: LORELEI
8 letters: LONELIER
9 letters: REBELLION
10 letters: NEOLIBERAL
11 letters: INTOLERABLE

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!