Brain Game: Big Bands


Apologies that it's been so long since we've offered a logic puzzle; creating one can be a lengthy process. Enjoy:

Five co-workers - Ken, Len, Jen, Den, and Ben - were having lunch when they decided to discuss their favorite bands. Surprisingly, the names of the five bands they chose - Rush, Korn, Tool, ABBA, and Hole - were each four letters long. Using this information and the three clues that follow, identify each person's favorite band. Feel free to consult outside sources if necessary to solve the clues. Good luck!

1. The name of Den's favorite band has a repeating letter. 2. Ben's band is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, while Jen's band has only three members. 3. No co-workers' name shares more than one letter with his/her favorite band.

Here is the SOLUTION.


Ben dances to ABBA;
Den is a fan of Tool;
Jen likes power-trio Rush;
Ken listens to Hole; and
Len enjoys Korn.