Brain Game: Julia's Tiles


Today's Brain Game combines wordplay with celebrity names. We've taken famous folk whose last names begin with "S" and turned that letter into a possessive for the first name. Then we wrote descriptive clues to help you decipher those names. Here's an example:

ex.: Hotlips' humor?

"Hotlips" was a M*A*S*H character portrayed on TV by Loretta Swit, so the answer we're looking for here is LORETTA'S WIT ("wit" being another word for "humor"). Got it? Okay, then, try these five on for size, and good luck!

1. Focker's groundbreaker? 2. Unsolved Mysteries of a nail? 3. Larry Sanders' packaging charge? 4. Platoon director's voice timbre? 5. Agarn's flaming stick?

Here are the ANSWERS.


1. Ben's Tiller
2. Robert's Tack
3. Garry's Handling
4. Oliver's Tone
5. Larry's Torch