Brain Game: Come Back!


Mr. & Mrs. Bandacol were good parents, with five children - all boys. By a happy coincidence, you can tell the age of each of the Bandacol boys by their names. Louie is 21, twins Cliff & Ernst are each 9, and Mario is 17. Given this information...

How old is Shane? And why?

Here is the SOLUTION.


Shane is 13.

In each name, vowels are worth 5 and consonants worth 1.

So LOUIE is 21,
MARIO is 17,
SHANE is 13,
CLIFF and ERNST are 9.

If you came up with a different answer, don't assume it's wrong. Our brighter-than-usual readers often find alternate solutions that are just as valid as ours. If you came up with the same answer (or a different one) using a different pattern, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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