Brain Game: Players in the House


NOTE: Okay, I wrote a clunker. My apologies. This Brain Game was altered from its original text after readers discovered some exceptions to the NFL's rules, particularly amongst linebackers and linemen. (I knew there were a few, but also assumed that most fans would know that they were atypical.) My bad. We've cleaned up those comments to avoid confusion. Here's the corrected version:

Four NFL players from the same team are the first ones in the locker room before a big game. They wear jerseys #15, #35, #55, and #85. One player is a lineman, one is a punter, one is a wide receiver, one is a running back. Given only this information, and assuming that these four players' squad numbers were provided according to NFL rules...

Match each jersey number to its position.

Here is the SOLUTION.


#15 is the punter

#35 is the running back

#55 is the lineman

#85 is the wide receiver

Although there are exceptions, this Wikipedia article explains how NFL jersey numbers are assigned by rule.