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Brain Game: Go State!


In last week's exciting college football game, four players - Carl, Clint, Curtis, and Carey - each scored once for State University in their big win against Tech. The team scored a field goal, a touchdown, a safety, and an extra-point kick. Based on this information and the clues that follow, can you determine who scored how many points? Good luck!

1. Carl scored exactly twice as many points as Curtis. 2. Clint scored exactly one fewer point than Carey.

Here is the SOLUTION.


CARL scored the TOUCHDOWN (6 points);
CLINT kicked the EXTRA POINT (1 point);
CAREY scored the SAFETY (2 points); and
CURTIS scored the FIELD GOAL (3 points).

Wondering why Clint kicked the extra-point but Curtis attempted the field goal? Well, Clint is the team's regular kicker, but Curtis is a long-distance kick specialist, and the attempt was over 50 yards. Didn't see the game? What are you, a Tech fan?