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Brain Game: Adrian!


Thanks for trying the Friday Free-For-All. This does it for the mental_floss Brain Game this week; it will return again on Monday. Enjoy!

Meet Adrian. She likes chocolate, but not peppermint. She doesn't swim, but loves to skydive. She hates beer, but enjoys champagne. She drives a Dodge, never a Ford. And she'd rather read a magazine than a novel. Given this information:

Is Adrian closer to her aunt or her uncle?

Here is the SOLUTION.



Adrian is partial to things that end with the letter "E."

So she prefers chocolate to peppermint,
Would rather skydive than swim,
Drinks champagne instead of beer,
Drives a Dodge but not a Ford,
and prefers a magazine to a novel.

So, it stands to reason, she likes her uncle more than her aunt.

Did you come up with an alternate solution? Feel free to share it with us in the comments. Have a great weekend!