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Brain Game: Ned the Number Head


Thanks for trying the Friday Free-For-All. This will conclude the mental_floss Brain Game until Monday. Good luck!

Ned the Number Head likes certain numbers, but not others. He likes 7, but not 923. He likes 0, but not 48. He likes 19, but not -11, and he likes 80, but not 2. Given this information:

Would Ned prefer: 6, 40, -1, or 355?

Here is the SOLUTION.


Ned would prefer 40.

Ned likes numbers that, when read aloud, are two syllables long.

So he likes SEV-EN, but not 923.
He likes ZE-RO, but not 48.
He likes NINE-TEEN, but not negative 11, and
He likes EIGHT-Y, but not 2.

So, given the choices, Ned would prefer FOR-TY over 6, -1, or 355.

Did you come up with an alternate solution? Feel free to share it (and the theory behind it) by commenting below. Have a great weekend!