Brain Game: the DNBA


Thanks for trying the Friday Free-For-All. This will conclude the mental_floss Brain Game until Monday. Good luck!

Doug likes watching National Basketball Association games, but he only gets behind certain teams, and for a specific (albeit goofy) reason. He likes the Spurs, but not the Knicks. He cheers the Trail Blazers, but not the 76ers. He roots for the Jazz, but not the Wizards. And he's a fan of the Magic, but not the Bulls. Given these clues, and the hint that his choices involve geography...

Which of these other NBA teams does Doug root for: the Pistons, the Kings, or the Hawks?

Here is my SOLUTION.

MY SOLUTION (there may be others; see below):

Doug is a fan of the KINGS.

Ned only likes NBA teams from places that don't have other major league professional sports teams.

San Antonio has only the Spurs;
Portland has only the Trail Blazers;
Utah has only the Jazz;
Orlando has only the Magic; and

Sacramento has only the Kings.

The other teams' cities (New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta) all have teams in the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL.

Did you come up with an alternate solution? Feel free to share it (and the theory behind it) by commenting below. Have a great weekend!