Brain Game: Change-Up


Today is Free-for-All Friday, so there's no charge for today's Brain Game. (There never is, but humor me.) Enjoy!

Dennis has 3 pieces of in-circulation U.S. legal tender in his pocket. While each item is different, each has an image of the same person on the front.

What is the LARGEST amount of money that Dennis could have in his pocket?

Here is the ANSWER.


$6.01 - This means Dennis would have a $5 bill, a Lincoln dollar coin, and a penny.

The newer presidential dollar coins also provide two other (lesser-value) options:

Dennis could have $3.05 with Jefferson (a $2 bill, a Jefferson dollar coin, and a nickel);
or he could have $2.25 with George Washington (a $1 bill, a Washington dollar coin, and a quarter).