Brain Game: DC Follies


I got on a roll after compiling yesterday's Presidential Middle Names quiz, so here's a related Think Thursday challenge for the Brain Game. Good luck!

Combine the first and last names of different U.S. presidents to come up with the names of popular sitcom characters. EXAMPLE:GEORGE (Washington) + (Thomas) JEFFERSON = GEORGE JEFFERSON (from The Jeffersons).

Here are a few OTHERS.

A FEW OTHERS (NOT a complete list):

BENJAMIN (Harrison) + (Franklin) PIERCE =
BENJAMIN PIERCE (Hawkeye from M*A*S*H)

WILLIAM (McKinley) + (Harry) TRUMAN =
WILL TRUMAN (from Will & Grace)

ANDREW (Jackson) + (Zachary) TAYLOR =
ANDY TAYLOR (from The Andy Griffith Show)

How many others can you come up with? Please share them in the comments!